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A Joint Venture Between Rainbow & Sadeca
Date: 2011/12/14 View: 2751


                                  RAINBOW EXPANDS ITS BUSINEES


                                  INDUSTRIAL GROUP SADECA



Rainbow Precision Metal is proud to announce the set up of a Joint Venture with a professional and international Spanish industrial group SADECA in September 2011.  The new joint venture is called SADECA Accessories, and the joint venture produces and develops precise metal and plastic parts for the brake pads and brake system for OEM market and after-market, including stampings, springs and clips.


SADECA was founded 28 years ago as a wear warning indicator producer.  They develop and manufacture brake pad sensors for worldwide well-known clients, like TRW, Honeywell and TMD.  They have rich experience on the accessories of brake pads and brake systems.


The product, material and process know how, and the design capabilities of tooling and metal finishing, together with our common focus towards quality improvement and cost reduction make us believe that SADECA is the best partner for Rainbow in that venture. Customer will profit from that.


We could write about quality, production capacity, equipment, best in class materials used under European regulations RoHS 2002/95/CD, ELV 2000/53/CD, REACH 2006/1907/CE, or about our IMDS file registered products.  However, we prefer that it is our customers who check all that directly.  We welcome you to visit our premises and production plants and to take advantage of SADECA Accessories.  That is the new brand name that we have introduced with the same quality, service and cost standards as SADECA and Rainbow.


Be certain that we will continue to innovate and to improve on behalf of our customers.  We will share our evolution and we will upgrade our customers and our friends through new catalogues and through the web sites www.rainbow-spring.com.cn or www.sadeca.com/accessories/eng




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